Thursday 31st May.
Just received this rather nice letter from Deborah in Reading:

"Just to say how wonderful the Aquapac camera/phone bag was. My 16yr old son dropped his BlackBerry (in the Aquapac bag) into the river Kennet in Theale, Berkshire whilst kayaking last October 2011. Three months later after New Year he had a phone call from a man in Caversham, Reading who had been fishing and caught the bag and phone with his fishing rod, it was fully sealed. We collected the bag/phone which had a few bumps and a little dirty but bag and phone in full working order. My son thought the phone had gone forever but three months later and approx six miles of tributeries along the river, he has the phone and is still using it! What a FANTASTIC product. It kept the phone dry despite the temperature and currents of the river during the winter months. An ABSOLUTE MUST for anything that needs to be kept waterproof as it really works. Thanks for a great product."

Big smiles all round the office today!